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HealthShield Canada's "AED Maintenance Program" ensures ongoing AED upkeep for our clients.

AED Maintenance Program

It includes annual inspections, on-call support, an online device platform, in-person part replacement, flexible pricing, and staff training for improved safety and preparedness.



Introducing an encompassing AED (Automated External Defibrillator) maintenance program, custom  designed by HealthShield Canada™. This initiative is structured 
to guarantee the seamless operation and maintenance of AED units, thereby upholding an elevated 
standard of safety and preparedness within our customer's workplaces. 

Ensuring the safety, compliance, and 
peace of mind of our customers


The subsequent sections will detail 
the principal elements of our extensive maintenance strategy.

1. Annual on site inspections

2. On-call support 

3. Device information platform

Program Components

6 components to ensure comprehensive service

4. In-Person part replacement 

5. Pricing and Service Agreement 

6. Training and Education

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