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Medical Equipment Recycling 

MERP efficiently redistributes medical supplies from client facilities to organizations in need to reduce waste, enhance inventory, foster environmental responsibility, community engagement, and boost employee morale.



Our goal is to minimize waste, optimize inventory levels, and ensure that unused or near-expiry items meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community through rigorous quality checks, sanitization, and responsible redistribution. We are committed to fostering partnerships with community organizations, enhancing awareness through educational outreach, and encouraging sustainable practices.

To institute a systematic approach to the assessment and repurposing of medical supplies within client facilities.


This program is designed to be a cyclical process of continuous improvement, informed by feedback, and transparent in its impact, as evidenced by the recognition awarded to participating entities. 

  • Economic Efficiency: Reduces costs associated with wastage and disposal of near-expiry items. 

  • Environmental Responsibility: Contributes to a more sustainable approach to medical supply usage. 

  • Community Engagement: Enhances the organization's reputation as a socially responsible entity that cares about its community. 

  • Employee Morale: Empowers employees to be part of a meaningful initiative that makes a real difference. 

Program Benefits

How does MERP help our clients?

By integrating the Medical Equipment Recycling Program into our collaboration, we can address the challenge of varying medical supply usage across offices while contributing positively to the broader community.  


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