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HealthShield Canada's Subscription Program delivers custom first aid supplies inventory solutions to clients with multiple offices, promoting cost-efficient operations with dynamic assessment and flexible replenishment.

First Aid Supply Subscription Program

Tailored plans streamline efficiency for different usage patterns.



Dynamic Assessment:  

  • Initial assessment of each office's unique needs and consumption trends to set the baseline for the subscription model. 

To provide a flexible, adaptive, and tailored solution for first aid supplies


Flexible Replenishment:  

  • Offices with higher usage of supplies will receive more frequent replenishments, ensuring they never run out of essential items. Conversely, offices with lesser usage will receive supplies tailored to their pace, preventing overstocking. 

No Central Inventory Hassles: 

  •  Eliminate the need for a central inventory. HealthShield Canada will handle the distribution logistics, ensuring that each office receives supplies as per its unique needs. 


Analyzing usage data, making AI-driven recommendations, and enabling seamless communication between different parties

Data-Driven Optimization:  

  • As we collect more data on usage patterns, we can further fine-tune the subscription model, ensuring an even more tailored approach over time. 


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